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The Hillsong whistleblower papers have revealed the vast size and wealth of ‘foundational charity’ assets on which the church depends. Will the regulator act?

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This is the fifth part of The Hillsong Whistleblower Files series. Read the full series here.

The Hillsong whistleblower papers tabled in federal parliament have revealed for the first time the extent of Hillsong assets that have been held in secret religious donations for years. The revelations are likely to increase pressure on the federal government to change laws that effectively put a special category of charity, the Basic Religious Charity (BRC), out of the regulator’s reach.

As Crikey As readers will know, BRC is a sweet deal for churches. The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) has no power to remove a BRC director and the BRC is not required to provide any financial information to the regulator or the public. It is effectively a legal and financial black hole.

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