Major revelations in the conspiracy to defame BJP state president Patil IG News

  • Complaint against Dipu Yadav, Rakesh Solanki, Khuman Singh
  • Questioning of Rakesh Solanki close to MLA Ganpat Vasawa
  • Serious allegation in pamphlet about misappropriation of election funds

Recently, a big news is getting in the matter of defaming the BJP state president in Surat. Gujarat MLA Sandeep Desai has become the complainant in the case of defamation of CR Patil. For this, Sandeep Desai, who is an MLA from Surat, has filed a complaint against more than 4 people in the crime branch. In this case the names of the big heads may come out.

BJP has filed a complaint against 4 people in the defamation case of CR Patil and MLA Sandeep Patel. In which Gujarat MLA Sandeep Desai has filed a complaint in Surat Crime Branch. A complaint has been registered against Deepu Yadav, Khumansingh, Rakesh Solanki. In which the details of Rakesh Solanki being close to Ganpat Vasava are also coming out. Hardeep Attodaria, Deepu Yadav, Irfan Kapadia have also been questioned.

Know what was the whole case

Accused Jinendra Shah of Ahmedabad has been arrested in the case of demanding an extortion of 8 crores from CR Patil by threatening to make the video viral by making disastrous remarks about the leaders and workers of BJP and Prakhush. Details are coming out that BJP leaders are also involved in this case.

In the pamphlet scandal against BJP state president CR Patil, the pamphlet was circulated with serious allegations of misappropriation of election funds. Surat Crime Branch also arrested a youth named Jinendra Shah in this case. Some BJP workers are also being interrogated by the Surat Crime Branch.

2022 assembly election time event

At the time of assembly elections, BJP president Patil was caught demanding 8 crore ransom. 80 crores was alleged to have been extorted in the election. Jinendra Shah made the video viral. 80 crore was accused by a youth from Ahmedabad. After filing a complaint in this matter, the crime branch arrested him. Sunny Nileshbhai Thakkar, a BJP worker living on Bhatar Road, lodged a complaint. Jinendra made the video viral on 30-08-2022. Along with this, abusive and defamatory words were uttered against BJP and Patil.

A businessman originally from UP filed a complaint against accused Jinendra Shah of Ahmedabad. A complaint has been filed against Jitendra under the crime of sections 384, 500, 504, 501 etc. of EPCO in Surat Crime Branch. In which Jinendra Shah called BJP a party of gangsters and corrupt people. He used offensive words against state president CR Patil and BJP leaders. Also he was contacting other parties. Other parties were threatening to make this video viral.