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Kalaburagi, Nov. 19- As today’s young men and women are paying more attention to mobile phones and TV, the society is moving towards decline. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have food, you need a big mobile phone in your hand. To curb this, good rituals should be given at home. Gangadhara Shivacharya Mahaswamiji of Ambejogaya and Chinchanur said that only then can one live well in life.
Speaking on the occasion of Sriguru Chennaveereshwar Mahapurana program held in Sukshetra Mutyana Babala village of the district as part of the 38th commemoration of Sriguru Channaveera Shivacharya and the 111th implementation Mahamangala of Gurupadalinga Maha Shivayogis, he said that a man should adopt good habits in his life then he can find fulfillment in life.
According to Vedamurthy Madivalaiah Swami Jeratagi, a Purana Pandit, children’s minds are like white cloth. He said that today’s youth will be the light for the future path and we should take the lead in giving good rites from home and know how to use it. The role of parents is very important in giving good rites from home, if you know this in life, it is enough to live a blessed life. He said that culture is very important in life and should be adopted.
In the program, comedian Rajasekhar Hebbal entertained the audience by singing some traditional words along with the comedy program. Siddappa Sorade, Vedamurthy Shantaiah Swami, Siddappa Malada, Mahesh Silavanth, Jagannath, Siddu Kottaraghi, Vedamurthy Madivalaiah Swami were on the stage, Lin Channaveereshwar Mahapurana program was going on, music service was provided by Sangu Sonta, tabla service was provided by Raju Katti Sangavi. Teacher Ambaraya Madde Kurikota narrated the program. Ambaraya M. Kone gave the salutation and in this program devotees from all over the world participated and listened to Purana discourse.


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