malaria deaths in maharashtra, after corona and measles, another disease increased the tension of Maharashtra, in the remote areas of the state… – malaria deaths in maha up 80%, most in tribal areas IG News

Mumbai: The increasing number of corona infection and measles patients has added to the worries of the shocked citizens. It has come to light that the number of patients who died due to malaria has increased this year. Last year, the number of patients who lost their lives due to malaria has increased to 25 from 14. In 2019 i.e. before the corona epidemic, the malaria situation was under control. Seven deaths were recorded in the state in 2019.

Malaria patients are a matter of concern in Durgam district of Maharashtra. Gadchiroli, Gondia and Chandrapur districts have more deaths. This district has a large tribal population. It has been observed that almost 50 percent of the deaths are among children under the age of 15 in tribal districts.

Malaria cases have increased in the first year after the outbreak of corona infection. Also, even as the health system was getting back on track after the Corona epidemic, malaria patients were increasing rapidly. There were 8,866 patients in 2019, followed by an increase of 72 percent to 15,215 in 2020. Whereas, 17,341 patients were found last year.

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In 2022, the number of malaria cases reported in the state was 14,606. This is less than the previous two years. But, the death toll is alarming. Compared to last year, 25 people have died so far.

According to state officials, the deaths are mainly in districts with a large tribal population. In internal reviews, it was found that many patients delayed seeking care after the medical facility for up to eight days. Some were initially admitted to the hospital at the last minute. So, some took treatment from local healers.

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An increase in malaria cases has been observed not only in Maharashtra but also nationally and globally. In 2020, malaria was neglected due to the coronavirus pandemic. But in 2021, the health system has once again focused on this, said a senior official of the public health department.

Malaria deaths in Gadchiroli have been attributed to climatic and local factors. Tribal district is the most challenging region in the state. Frequent malaria infections increase the prevalence of fever in the population. People spend a lot of time in the fields, weather conditions and lack of attention are some of the major reasons.

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