Malir Jail, harassment of women visiting inmates revealed IG News

Karachi: Harassment of women who came to meet prisoners in Malir Jail has been revealed.

According to the details, the harassed woman who went to meet her imprisoned son in Karachi’s Malir Jail has written a letter to the higher authorities against Jail Constable Mohammad Zubair Sohto.

The victim woman said in the letter that her son has been in jail for a year and a half, she said, “When I go to jail to meet my son, soldier Zubair Sahato harasses me.”

The woman also said in the letter that “Soldier Zubair Sohato makes illegal and wrong demands from my daughters too.”

In this regard, Deputy Superintendent Malir Jail Kamran Shaikh told ARY News that Muhammad Zubair Sohto is posted in the office of Assistant Jail Superintendent Nabi Dad Zardari.

According to Kamran Sheikh, the influential soldier Zubair Sohto identifies himself as the cousin of Superintendent Central Jail Hasan Sohto.

Deputy Superintendent Malir Jail said, “The complaint of the victim woman has been received by the Home Department. The higher jail authorities will conduct a transparent investigation into the matter.”