Mamata announced the plan for the Lok Sabha elections, the emphasis is on political circles IG News

Digital Desk: Lok Sabha elections are going to be held in 2024. And around this election, there is already chaos in national politics. Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, almost all the political parties have started cleaning their houses. In this situation, several discussions are going on about the opposition alliance. And in that, the Trinamool supremo made a big announcement Mamata Banerjee. He made it clear that the Trinamool will fight alone in the Lok Sabha elections.

Incidentally, Trinamool’s Trinamool won the Sagardighi seat in the by-election and went to the Left-Congress alliance. Sagardighi won the confidence of the Congress. Speaking in this context, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee slammed the Left-Congress alliance as practically immoral. Incidentally, the Trinamool supremo’s decision to fight alone in the Lok Sabha elections has already started strong practice in the political circles.

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