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(T. Murali Krishna, News 18, Kurnool)

A fatal road accident took place at Sunnipenta RTC bus stand in Srisailam mandal of Kurnool district. A Rajahmundry RTC bus rammed into a person crossing the road. In this incident, when the tires of the bus hit the person’s head, his head was crushed. He died on the spot. The deceased has been identified as Parisepogu Esu (45) of Sunnipenta. Police have registered a case and are investigating.

Harassment of figs ..!
Saraswati of Binnigeri village in Aspari Mandal was married by Veeranjaneyu. They also have a son. But from the time of marriage, the harassment of husband and in-laws increased. Suspicion often used to harass physically and mentally. Due to this, Saraswati, who became depressed, committed suicide by drinking the pesticide in the house. The family members noticed and took him to the hospital but to no avail. She died while undergoing treatment. On the complaint of Saraswati’s mother, the police have registered a case against the deceased’s husband’s in-laws.

Get down in the channel of LLC for bathing..!
A young man named Ramesh (25) accidentally fell into the canal and lost his life while going to bathe in the LLC canal. This incident took place in Hollagunda Mandal. According to the police, Ramesh, who resides in Pattikonda, runs a tea shop. The incident took place on Friday evening when he came to sell glasses of tea and went to take a bath during the LLC period.

Out of control bike…!
A road accident took place near Ellamma Konda on the outskirts of Adoni town. Mahbub and his elder daughter Shabana from Nemalikallu of Pedakadabur mandal were riding a bike… the two wheeler went out of control.. due to which both were seriously injured.

Gallanthu, the fisherman who went fishing..!
In front of the Srisailam project, the fishermen of Lingala Gattu village went hunting and got lost. Bondi Nagaraju, Simhadri and Poorna Venkataramana went fishing near Srisailam project. In the process of pulling the mats that fell into the net while the mats were falling in the potti, the potti accidentally overturned. Both Venkataramana Nagaraju came out safely in this accident..but Simhadri’s whereabouts was not found. The villagers of Lingalagattu immediately filed a complaint at Tutown Police Station.

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