Manipur Horror: Two students brutally murdered, photo surfaced – Creepy Manipur: Two teenage students brutally murdered, photo surfaced IG News

Two Meitei teenage students missing since July were found murdered. When his photo surfaced, the Manipur government said on Tuesday that it will investigate the entire matter as soon as possible. Pictures showing the dead bodies of both the students are viral on social media. CBI is investigating this matter. Despite the photographs appearing, the bodies of both the students have not been found yet.

The photo shows the two students (17-year-old and 20-year-old) sitting on the grassy campus of an armed group’s makeshift jungle camp. One of them is a girl and the other is a boy. The girl is seen in white T-shirt while the boy is in check shirt. Two men with guns are clearly visible standing behind them. In the next photo their bodies are seen lying on the ground.

This is the second gruesome case that has come to light after the video of Kuki women being paraded naked in Manipur. The video of the naked parade of Kuki women could also be seen only after a month. Those women were gang-raped and their family members were killed by the mob in front of them.

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People’s anger over this matter is visible on social media. Many people have raised questions as to why it took so long for the police to solve the case. In July, both the students were seen in the CCTV cameras installed at the shops, but after that they could not be traced.

The two armed men standing behind the dead body are not being identified. State police officials, on the condition of anonymity, said that now we are trying to find out their identity with the help of advanced forensic techniques.

The Manipur government said on Tuesday, September 26 – “It has come to the notice of the state government that photographs of two students… who have been missing since July 2023, have surfaced on social media. As per the wishes of the people of the state, this matter should be taken up first.” It has been handed over to CBI.”

The government said that “the state police, in collaboration with central security agencies, is actively investigating the case to ascertain the circumstances surrounding their disappearance and identify the culprits who murdered the two students. Security forces “We have also started a search operation to nab the criminals.”

The Manipur government said it would take “swift and decisive action” against all those involved in the abduction and murder of the two students. He appealed to the public to maintain calm and allow investigators to do their work.

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Ethnic violence between the Kuki tribes living in the hills and the majority Meiteis living in the valley began on May 3 after the court recommended granting Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to the Meiteis. Kukis demonstrated against this. After this violence started in both the communities. More than 180 people have been killed and thousands displaced. During this time, when the video of Kuki women being paraded naked came out, the whole country was shocked. The administration of the state government proved to be very weak. Meitei community Chief Minister N Biren Singh is embroiled in many controversies. They still have the protection of the Central Government. The BJP ruled central government is keeping him on the post.