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Surat: Another rape complaint has been registered in the city in Surat. A love affair of one and a half years has come to a halt in the city. Along with this, the doctor lover has filed a rape complaint with the police against the married lover. It is worth mentioning that the doctor’s lover went to the married lover’s house and opened all the doors. In this matter, Althan Police has taken further action regarding the entire incident.

The police arrested the married lover

A married lover had an affair with a doctor girl. The doctor girl filed a rape complaint at the Althan police station when the love affair that lasted for one and a half years ended. The police have registered a crime and arrested the married lover and taken further action. It is said that love has no boundaries. A similar incident has happened in Surat. A female doctor fell in love with a married young man in Surat. When this love affair lasted for a year and a half, there was a problem in their love relationship.Also Read: Who Will Fill The Recruitment Process Now? Even after five years, there is still a lot of posting of candidates

The girlfriend filed a police complaint of rape

It is worth mentioning that the married lover and the doctor girl lived opposite each other. After loving each other for one and a half years, the doctor girl went to the married lover’s house and broke the pot, feeling sad about something. The doctor girl filed a rape complaint against her married lover at the Althan police station. So the police arrested the lover Dharmendra Abhesing Patel. Dharmendra Abhesing Patel was studying ph.d.

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The case of rift in the relationship reached the police station

The whole matter came to the fore as one hurt the other. So a complaint of rape was registered. However, based on the complaint, the police have now registered a case against us and started investigating. Along with the medical checkup of the accused, the investigation of many matters has also been started. However, the police are also speculating that the entire incident is technical. After being in a love relationship for a long time, something went wrong and the matter reached the police station and the police took action.

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