mass suicide in Maharashtra what is Rice Puller

The country has been shaken by the death of 9 members of the same family in Sangli District of Maharashtra. The case appears to be a suicide, police said. Preliminary investigations have revealed that both the elders of the deceased family are in debt. A case has been registered against 25 people in this regard. At the same time, 13 accused have been arrested. This whole case belongs to Mahisal village of Sangli district.

Residents of Mahisal village, shocked by the deaths of nine members of the same family, said the Vanmore brothers were talking about a rice puller deal. The two brothers were also rumored to be getting Rs 3,000 crore from a foreign company.

Regarding this rumor going on in the village, the SP of Sangli said that this is just an ongoing discussion among all the people, at present they do not have any special evidence to confirm.

It is rumored in Mahisal village that the two brothers were involved in a rice puller. One gang lured Vanmore to a hefty profit from the ‘rice puller’ metal. It has also been alleged that the two brothers borrowed money for such deals after being caught in the gang’s trap.

– Fraud called ‘Rice Puller’ is rampant especially in rural parts of Maharashtra. This type of fraudulent gang tries to persuade people to invest in a so-called magical metal rice puller, a mixture of metals called copper and iridium. It is also claimed that exposure to celestial lightning produces supernatural powers in the rice puller.

Eventually What is a ‘rice puller’?

The fraudster claims that the rice puller can be in the shape of a vessel, bowl, glass or statue. It is very valuable because of its magnetic force and scientific organizations like NASA can use it to generate energy in satellites and space and buy it for crores of rupees. In this greed people buy ‘Rice Puller’ at the cost of millions, but no organization comes from them to buy ‘Rice Puller’.

Not only that, but this cunning swindler also states that those who buy these special metal utensils, their trade and wealth doubles during the day and quadruples at night. People who consider Rice Puller to be miraculous also undergo a special test to identify whether it is genuine or counterfeit.

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Between houses The distance is 1.5 KM

Kolhapur Range IG Manoj Kumar Lohia said the two brothers had borrowed money from many people. There is a distance of 1.5 km between the houses from which the bodies were found. He said six bodies were found at Manik Vanmore’s home, including himself, his wife, mother, daughter, son and nephew (Parrot Vanmore’s son), while Parrot Vanmore, his wife and daughter were found 1.5 km away. Were found in a building.

Against how the incident happened?

According to IG Lohia, why didn’t anyone come from Manik Vanmore’s house to get milk? A young woman from the village went to find out. The girl then told the villagers about the incident. A local resident said that when he went to the parrot Vanmore’s house to report the incident, three bodies were also found lying there.

Police suspect that he may have consumed some poison to end his life. A case of incitement to suicide has been registered against 25 people in the case based on the names written in the suicide note found at the scene. 13 accused have been arrested.

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It is written in the suicide note about the loan

– It is learned from the suicide note that he had incurred a lot of debt. One of the dead, Parrot Vanmore, also received a recovery notice from some credit institutions. However we are investigating the matter from all angles.

Sangli SP Dixit Gadam also said that the suicide note mentioned that the two brothers had taken money for some business. However, what was his business in the end? It will also be investigated later. But the exact cause of death will come out only after a thorough investigation and postmortem report.

One a teacher and the other a veterinary doctor

The bodies of two brothers and nine members of their family were found in two separate houses in Mahisal village in Sangli district on Monday. Police identified the two brothers as Parrot Onemore (54), Dr. The deceased have been identified as Manik Vanmore (49), his mother Aktai Vanmore (74), Archana Vanmore (29), Sangeeta Popat Vanmore (46), Shubham Popat Vanmore (24), Rekha Manik Vanmore (43), Pratiksha Manik Vanmore (20) and Aditya Manik. Done as Onemore (16). Parrot Onemore was a teacher, while Manik Onemore was a veterinary doctor.

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