Massive blaze at Melbourne Homemaker Center disrupts traffic, smoke warnings IG News

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One big Fire Burning in a Homemaker Center MelbourneThe northbound traffic is causing chaos and smoke warnings are in place in a residential area.

About 30 firetrucks and 80 firefighters are on the scene at the Epping Blaze, which has been burning at the intersection of High and Cooper Streets since about 5 p.m.

The fire was brought under control at around 8 am.

Emergency services have closed parts of the High Street and set up road blocks to bring the blaze under control, causing a significant traffic build-up ahead of peak hour.

The fire broke out around five in the morning and continued even after seven o’clock. (nine)
There is a fire at the Epping Homemakers Centre. (nine)

Drivers and commuters are being asked to use Edgar or Dalton Road instead.

An advisory message has been issued to alert the local community to the large amount of thick smoke in the area, but officials have said the smoke is not toxic.

People are being advised to close their windows and turn off air conditioning units

A Supercheap auto store is seen in the midst of flames.

It ended up being damaged, while a cash converters store next to it was also gutted.

A Supercheap auto shop was also among the burnt shops. (nine)
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