Master plan to acquire govt land dc s signature forgery

Kolar (June 24): A land grabbing event was held at the village of Alahalli in Kolara Taluk. The Narasapur Industrial Zone is located near the village. Impact Here the land has a gold price. It is learned that the officials of the Tahasildar office have been forging a bill of rupees in the amount of crores of rupees to be granted to Govt Land by a private company. The real estate company, Sun Large Properties Pvt Ltd, has purchased several surveyed tenant land in Alakalli village of Vakkaleri, Taluka, for industrial purpose.

Copying the signature of the sheriffs is illegal

In the middle of these lands is a 3.23 acre Government Kharabu Land in Survey No. 127 which is a land locked land. Although the government rejected the proposal that the company was not allowed by law to grant land to the company, only the Tahsildar office of Akari had copied the signature of the District Collector’s office and the District Collector.

Scan and print the District Collector’s signature

Authorities have created a duplicate record of a letter from the District Secretariat, which allowed the land to be scanned and sealed with the signature of the District Collector, indicating that Tahsildar had returned to him for further action.

See the signature Tahsildar suspected

Officials had sent the file to Tehsildar as the file was almost finalized for transfer of land to a private company and required a 50 per cent notice from the company to pay for it. Tahsildar Nagaraj, who reviewed the file, was skeptical of the signatures of the district authorities. Against that backdrop, another file from the district office at the taluk office was searched and the signature was found to be fake.

The company had therefore requested the district authorities to grant the Karnataka sanction rules for industrial purpose under Rule 22 of 1969, as per the village guidelines. Accordingly, the District Commissioners Tahsildar and the Assistant Commissioners classified the land as a Government Kharab.

Proposal rejection

Earlier in December last year, Selvamani, the former Collector, said the proposal had been rejected after the Karnataka Land Grant Rules and Rule 22 of the 1969 Rule had been rejected. Accordingly, the district collectors have returned the file to Kolar Tahsildar and instructed him to close the case.

On June 16, the company’s directors wrote to Kolar Tahsildar, saying the company had no information and no link to the creation of counterfeit documents.

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The corrupt officials in the entire taluk office have prepared another letter as an alternative to the file from the sheriff. A few private individuals and taluk office personnel have been granted land grants and a case has been registered at Kolar Rural Police Station.

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