Meeting of representatives of the establishment with Imran Deadline Expired IG News

When the notice was issued to Imran Khan by NAB, after looking at his track record, it was known that he will not appear. NAB has issued him half a dozen notices but he has not appeared in NAB even once, Aizaz Syed

When Shahbaz Gill was arrested, he had told the investigating intelligence officers many absurd things about Imran Khan and his wife. These things about Shehbaz Gul were told to Imran Khan by General Bajwa that his parrot is talking a lot, Aizaz Syed.

According to reports, last night Imran Khan had a live meeting with some ‘Karam Farmaon’ including some political people. Imran Khan showed a very positive reaction and said that I am ready to reconcile with you, I was not aware of what happened, Mubashir Bukhari.