Meghan Markle, Prince Harry return to front pages with Christmas card release

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry return to front pages with Christmas card release

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have officially found themselves back on the front pages with the release of their 2021 Christmas card.

Royal commentator and expert Neil Sean made this claim on his personal YouTube channel.

There he claimed, “As we told you earlier this week we were on the lookout for some leads from Harry and Meghan.”

“Harry and Meghan spent the last 18 months telling us all about their own privacy and getting legal with people who invade their privacy.”

“Tonight they decided to release their Christmas card. All very royal except they’re not royal. More importantly, it’s the first time we’ve actually seen the foursome together.”

“The wording on the card is all about how Archie made them a mama and a papa, but the arrival of Lili Diana made them a full family. It is a beautiful picture.”

“As ever with Harry and Meghan, there is a message which of course means that everything goes to charity. Very nice, but a lot of people over here in the United Kingdom are saying well, if you wanted to step away to keep your own privacy, if you didn’t want people looking at your family, and more importantly trying to get the focus on you, why on earth are you releasing the Christmas card?”

“Who demanded it? It is really strange. I’m not being unkind, it just seems really odd. Why on earth would they want to do this?”

He also went on to say, “Of course more importantly for them, this puts them on the front pages around the world. It’s very slow news days now right through until possibly around December 30, so the picture will be used and used again.”

“They claim at every corner that they don’t want their privacy invaded, but seemingly they can invade their own privacy when of course it comes to the much needed PR.”

Before concluding he also admitted, “This picture will go around the world for a long time, once again putting Harry and Megan back on those front international pages.”

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