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Nuzaira and Zafar go to Karachi

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Nuzaira Azam is a renowned Pakistani journalist, fiction writer and novelist based in the United States since 1990. She often visits Pakistan to see her family and friends. On this occasion, after a long time due to COVID-19, she accompanied her husband Dr. Zafar Iqbal to Karachi for the first time.

Dr Zafar Iqbal is a scientist by profession and has a very sweet, caring, loving and friendly personality. He visited Karachi for the first time.

Following my past tradition, I organized a dinner in the Services Mess in honor of Nuzaira and Dr Zafar Iqbal to gather our mutual friends living in different parts of the city.

It was a very nice and lively evening; We celebrated with Nuzaira and Zafar. We all friends enjoyed and were very happy to have this couple for the first time in their motherland Karachi. After this get-together, Nuzaira and Zafar left Karachi to visit their family and friends in Lahore and Islamabad.

The dinner was attended by Agha Masood Hussain, Ahmad Saleem, Ayesha Shariah, Akhlaq Ahmad, Ali Nawaz, Asma Batul, Abul Abbas Naqvi, Ali Shabbar, Fiza Abbas, Aqeel Abbas Jafri, Fatima Hasan, Iqbal Jameel, Iqbal Khan, Ghazala, Khurshid. Haider, Mehnaz Rehman, Mehnaz Zaidi, Mirza Shahnawaz Agha, Mubasher Mir, Mukhtar Butt, Nahid Sultan Mirza, Nizamuddin, Salim Mughal, Sana Sharifuddin Peerzada and many more.

sbp podcast episode 18

metro case

metro case

The State Bank of Pakistan recently announced its monetary policy decision, raising the policy rate by 100 basis points to 17%. Monetary policy decisions have an impact on businesses and consumers and are therefore very important for all stakeholders. In this episode of SBP Podcast, Director Monetary Policy Department, SBP, Fida Hussain explains the rationale and key reasons behind the latest monetary policy decision.

There are three important factors that the Monetary Policy Committee has mentioned in its statement. The first factor is the high level of inflation, which has eased slightly from 26.6% in October to 23.8% in November and 24.5% in December 2022. Not only headline inflation but also core inflation has been on an upward trend for the last 10 months. , reflecting the presence of some demand-side pressures as well as the impact of the second round of earlier energy and food price increases.

In addition, inflation expectations among both businesses and consumers have moved upwards. The MPC noted that if the central bank does not act in the current situation, these expectations could contribute to a further increase in inflation going forward.

The other important factor in the MPC’s decision is that despite a significant reduction in the current account deficit, near-term challenges to Pakistan’s external sector and its outlook have increased. SBP’s FX reserves are depleting due to unscheduled repayments, while expected flows have not gone as planned due to uncertainty at the international and domestic levels.

The third important factor is the uncertain global economic situation. Currently, the global economy is in recession and there are indications that some major advanced economies may experience a recession.

This global environment poses downside risks to the outlook for exports and remittances and may also benefit from lower commodity price differentials and easing global financial conditions.

For example, a slower pace of interest rate hikes by advanced economy central banks could help revive capital flows to emerging and developing economies and make it easier for them to tap international capital markets. Going forward, we expect to benefit from a slight fall in commodity prices and if this trend continues, it will have a positive impact on our imports and current account balance.

With regard to food inflation, the podcast highlighted that during the winter months of November and December, the shelf life of food products increases, leading to an improvement in supply and hence lower prices. However, this was not the case in 2022, as food prices have risen sharply; This indicates the need for active price monitoring and administrative measures at the local level to ensure smooth and continuous supply.

High food inflation and core inflation, if allowed to creep in, pose a risk of a wage-price spiral, and therefore require a tighter monetary policy response.

City property expo of commander builders concluded

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metro case

The City Property Expo 2023 fair organized by Commander Builders ended with great success, Ayesha Umar and Shaista Lodhi attended the closing ceremony, and the City Property Expo was well received by the public.

As per details City Property Expo 2023 was organized by Commander Builders at Mela Expo Center Karachi, which ended today after three days. Thousands of citizens participated in the property expo and reposed their faith in the projects of Commander Builders.

Talking to the media on this occasion, Chairman Commander Builders Zakir said that the response of the people in the property expo was more than expected, people participated in large numbers in the property expo, which shows the growing trust of the people towards Commander. builders. He said that today is the last day of discount, people should come and take advantage of this offer, no project will be cheaper than this.

Famous actresses Ayesha Umar and Shaista Lodhi also reached on the last day of the property expo. A large number of people participated in the property expo along with their families and booked plots in large numbers, the booking counters were crowded on all the three days of the exhibition. A shuttle service was also arranged by Commander Builders for people to visit Commander City. metro matters