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Chandigarh, 2 January 2023, (Azad Soch News):- Water Supply and Sanitation Minister Bram Shankar Jimpa has said that during the year 2022, where the target of supplying drinking water to more than 34 lakh rural houses in Punjab has been achieved, Swachh Survey Rural He has also won honor at the national level in the awards, he said that many other such achievements of the first year of the Mann government will be taken to greater heights in the next 4 years.

Jimpa said that the year 2022 is also important because the Chief Minister has started providing facilities to the villagers from their homes in keeping with the promise he had taken to run the government from the villages as soon as he took office. The Punjab government has earned a reputation at the national level in providing the facility of clean water, which is most important for living, the target of providing piped drinking water to more than 34 lakh rural households has been achieved in the year 2022 itself. The national target is to be completed by the year 2024.

Similarly, schemes to supply clean water to arsenic and fluoride affected areas have also been implemented on a large scale, in 166 villages based on ion exchange technology to reduce fluoride in drinking water at a cost of Rs 16.77 crore. 192 community water purification plants have been set up to provide safe and healthy water to people for drinking and cooking.

Similarly, the Bhagwant Mann government has released 34.44 crore rupees to the 5 divisions of Punjab, Rajpura, Fatehgarh Sahib, Fazilka, Abohar and Gurdaspur Division No. 1, so that clean potable canal water can be supplied to the villagers of these divisions, Mr. Anandpur. The sewerage system installed in Sahib in 1972 has been upgraded this year at a cost of Rs 8.73 crores, this facility has fulfilled the long pending demand of the residents and pilgrims of this internationally famous religious city. The dirty water of the city used to contaminate the water of rivers through streets, drains has stopped.

Gimpa said that in the Swachh Survey Rural 2022, Punjab got the second place in the northern zone, under this award, the Government of India honored the state with an amount of Rs. In which the first prize was won for wall painting created under biodegradable waste management while the third prize was won for plastic waste and waste water management.

Apart from this, toilets were built in 5.88 lakh houses of the state, this year 750 villages of the state were declared open defecation free plus and 45 of them got the status of model villages, to keep the villages of Punjab clean. Special emphasis has been laid on waste management, Rs 10.79 crore has been released for solid waste management projects in 1256 villages while Rs 39.77 crore has been released for liquid waste management projects in 1753 villages.

The Water Supply and Sanitation Minister said that 19 model biogas plant projects have been set up in government cowsheds under the Gobar Dhan scheme, which is bringing financial benefits to the cowsheds, keeping in mind all sections, 39.77 crores in various villages of Punjab. 1894 community sanitary complexes were constructed at a cost of Rs., Jimpa said that the achievements of only 9 months of the year 2022 will be taken further in the next 4 years and complete measures will be taken to equip the villages of Punjab with all kinds of facilities. Effective efforts will be made.


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