MLC Jeevan Reddy Visits Naveen Family IG News

It is known that a youth named Chitikena Naveen (32) from Biy Nagar in Sirisilla town committed suicide after TSPSC announced cancellation of Group-1 examination in the wake of question paper leakage incidents. In this order, Congress party MLC Jeevan Reddy visited Naveen’s family members on Sunday. Jeevan Reddy said that Naveen committed suicide due to lack of employment and if jobs are provided at least in the private sector, suicides of the unemployed can be avoided.

On this occasion, he said that if the TSPSC leak is investigated with the CBI, the truth will come out. It is sad that unemployed people commit suicide in the state. On the other hand YSRTP president Sharmila also visited Naveen’s family. Sharmila said that Naveen committed suicide due to lack of job vacancies. KCR, who said that if the state comes, it will be a job for every household, he asked whether he has given only one job. Minister KTR said that it is shameful that he has nothing to do with the scam in TSPSC.


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