Modi government again pays attention to the proposals of the Supreme Court, approves 4 out of 6 names for Delhi High Court

Modi government again pays attention to the proposals of the Supreme Court, approves 4 out of 6 names for Delhi High Court

In what could be yet another instance of the Centre’s unilateral decision to selectively implement the recommendations of the Supreme Court Collegium, it has been learned that the Narendra Modi government has recommended six names of judicial officers for promotion to the Delhi High Court. Only four have been approved.

The four names that have got the support of the government are Neena Bansal Krishna, Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Anoop Kumar Mendiratta and Sudhir Kumar Jain. The two judicial officers who have been removed are Poonam A Bamba and Swaran Kanta Sharma. Mendiratta is currently the Union Law Secretary and a favorite of the current government.

sources in the higher judiciary forward to India That the warrants of appointment for the four judicial officers may be issued before the end of this week and they may be sworn in soon.

The SCC had approved six names on February 1. In doing so, the SCC had also rejected the candidatures of two senior district and sessions judges – Yashwant Kumar and Rajiv Mehra.

Incidentally, sources said, the government had also objected to the candidatures of Poonam A Bamba and Swaran Kanta Sharma, both of whom did not do anything adverse with respect to integrity.

However, the government cited specific grounds to oppose which the SCC did not find sufficient reason to ignore the two candidates.

It is not these two judicial officers alone; The government is also continuing to drag its feet and is choosing not to act on the names of five lawyers – four of whom were repeated in November last year by the Supreme Court Collegium headed by Chief Justice NV Ramana.

After much tussle between the Supreme Court and the Centre, on November 11, the SCC approved the proposal to make senior advocate Saurabh Kripal a judge of the Delhi High Court.

While the Modi government had raised some concerns over Kripal’s name, the SCC found the objections to be baseless and decided to recommend his name. If appointed, Kripal could be the country’s first openly gay judge.

On the same day, the SCC also reiterated its earlier recommendation to elevate four advocates – Tara Vishal Ganju, Anish Dayal, Amit Sharma and Mini Pushkarn – to the bench.

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No initiative has been taken by the Center to issue warrants for the appointment of these lawyers.

It remains to be seen how the Supreme Court reacts, if any, to the brazen manner in which the Center has decided to ignore its recommendations.

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