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Modi has nothing to say. He only fought against the Congress manifesto: Bhupesh Baghel.

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Narendra Modi is so afraid of the Congress that instead of speaking his word Instead, he only spewed rhetoric against the Congress and its leaders, Rahul Gandhi became a nightmare for them.

Statement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Congress (Image courtesy: PIB/INC)

Dr. Manmohan Singh, who was Prime Minister for ten years A reporter asked a question: ‘How would you like to see your tenure?’ Responding to this, Dr. Manmohan Singh said in his own unique way, ‘History will judge me kindly.’ She will not be as ruthless as the media and opposition today.’

As he was about to finish his second term He and his government were attacked from all sides. The opposition is busy creating an evil image of Manmohan Singh, armed opposition CAG with fake information. And the media along with the opposition started a campaign against Manmohan Singh.

History has not been kind to anyone. She mercilessly evaluates and judges people’s actions. But the past ten years have proved Manmohan Singh right. Today, it can be argued that Manmohan’s ten years in office Singh is a guide for our country in many ways.

It’s not that he hasn’t made mistakes during his tenure. He himself admitted some mistakes. But one suspects Narendra Modi, who took over as Prime Minister after defaming him, launched a conspiratorial campaign against him. What do you think about his ten-year term?

When Manmohan Singh addressed his final press conference as Prime Minister in January 2014, he had a detailed list of what he had accomplished during his tenure. From farmers to labor, education, health and national security to international relations He is not discouraged by his success in any matter.

Narendra Modi completes 10 years today. What will he say about his 10 years in office? What achievements can they boast of? What has his own Bharatiya Janata Party achieved in the performance of his government?

I can confidently say that Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party cannot do anything before the people. This is why after two Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi and the BJP have nothing but phrases like ‘Who brings Ram?’ and ‘Remove Article 370 in Kashmir’.

The slogan ‘Ache Din’ on which Narendra Modi ji assumed power has been removed. Many years have passed They were unable to reduce skyrocketing inflation. or attack women or failing to provide jobs for two trillion people every year. And they were unable to bring back the black money.

Magicians sometimes surprise audiences by pulling colorful flowers from their hats. And sometimes he pulls out a rabbit. The innocent people of this country had the same hope. One by one Modi ji’s magic was breaking. When a demon is used There was chaos in the country. But people feel that if Modi ji does it then some magic will definitely wake up later. But after hundreds of deaths and the painful experiences of tens of millions of people It was found that no black money was recovered from it.

The negligence with which Narendra Modi has tried to deal with the corona pandemic has made this epidemic even more tragic. From reckless lockdowns to corpses being buried on the banks of the Ganges. and images of people dying from lack of oxygen and looking for space in hospitals. This tragedy has become legendary.

In fact, Narendra Modi is so fearful of the Congress that instead of speaking his own words, Instead, he used rhetoric only against the Congress and its leaders. He was shocked about Rahul Gandhi Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had become their nightmare. This is why the country’s Prime Minister shamelessly called more than 20 million Muslims ‘invaders’ in the country while standing in the middle of an election. They are calling the congressional statement a “democracy.” ‘Documents of the Muslim League’ without any basis It is only their fear that Pakistan will be satisfied with a parliamentary victory.

A campaign launched by Narendra Modi and his party on behalf of all castes, religions and sects in the country. has created hatred throughout the country There are many feelings of distrust for each other.

This Lok Sabha election is unprecedented in all respects. Every agency that is supposed to function impartially is dancing at the behest of the Modi government, from the ED, the Income Tax Department, the CBI to the DRI, all of them are engaged in intimidating citizens into bullying the BJP or collecting donations.

The Election Commission is also not neutral. He does not see opposition candidates being removed from the electoral field by buying or intimidating them. The bank accounts of the largest opposition parties have been closed. The chief minister of one of the country’s states has been jailed. and one was forced to resign and sent to prison.

It was the first election since independence. When the domestic media still shows the election in the way the ruling party wants All the media questions come from the opposition, seeing only the opposition’s shortcomings and that only the Bharatiya Janata Party deserves to come to power.

Today, freedom of expression in the world’s largest democracy is in danger and the biggest threat is to our Constitution, which the BJP leadership has openly vowed to change. But the media doesn’t just talk about these important questions the country is concerned with. People were silent but seemed to be dancing to the RSS-BJP tune.

The Modi government has been badly exposed on the question of corruption. The writing on the wall says that the Modi government is not concerned with the problems of the common people of this country. Sympathy was felt only by a few fellow industrialists. Election bonds have proven that Narendra Modi is the biggest promoter of corruption in this country. How they hid the PM CARES funds is a big question. But the media is silent on these questions.

Elections should be fought on the basis of the performance of the Bharatiya Janata Party for ten years. Narendra Modi will talk about his achievements. And people will decide whether to elect him again or not, but Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, who joined the fray with the slogan ‘Ab ki Bar 400 Par’, have nothing but a parliamentary manifesto. After two phases of elections, the BJP stopped raising the 400-par slogan and concentrated on anti-Congress. It is a tragedy that the opposition party, the BJP, is contesting the elections against the Parliament’s manifesto and because the BJP has no answer for the intent and sincerity of our manifesto. So they spread all sorts of lies to counter such statements.

The Congress party, which is fighting elections amid an unprecedented resource crunch, People are facing problems in accessing election announcements in the absence of media, but Narendra Modi has made it easier. Narendra Modi’s parliamentary manifesto has been properly communicated to the population. People are now understanding who is talking about the rights of they Who is talking about problems related to their life? And who just lied to them?

The masses affected by inflation have realized that they have been cheated in the name of patriotism over the years. and the government has gradually Withdraw all rights they enjoyed from the previous parliamentary government. They are understanding what happens if a poor woman gets Rs 1 lakh, what happens if an unemployed person receives one year of training and Rs 1 lakh, what happens if an MGNREGA worker gets the money. 400 rupees and if farmers are guaranteed MSP, how will the days come back?

Amidst the roar of totalitarianism The ‘India’ alliance is fighting the rich party at every turn, which Narendra Modi and Amit Shah find it difficult to name. This time the people will win. Then we have to look at how Narendra Modi is recorded in history.

(Bhupesh Baghel is a senior Congress leader and former chief minister of the state Chhattisgarh)

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