Modi withdrew the agricultural law out of fear. Satyapal Malik said – If the President-Vice President retires, even the dog will not leave the way IG News

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Malik arrived to attend the event on a wheelchair due to leg problems.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Malik arrived to attend the event on a wheelchair due to leg problems.

Former Governor Satyapal Malik has once again targeted PM Narendra Modi. Malik said- Modi has withdrawn the agricultural laws out of fear. Now they go to Gurdwaras out of fear. Malik said that at present there is a tremendous fight in the country. Some are seeing it and some are not seeing it. Farmers and farmer communities, land, employment and soldiers have been attacked by the government. They are not paying the price of our crop.

Malik, who arrived in Sutod village of Sikar to participate in the foundation stone laying program of Veer Tejaji Maharaj, said that when the farmer’s movement took place, I was the governor of Meghalaya, during which I considered for 10 days whether I should say something or not. Many people explained to me that you will become the President or the Vice President, why do you quarrel, but I said that if the President and the Vice President retire, even a dog will not leave the way.

Satyapal Malik during the program.

Satyapal Malik during the program.

A man lives by his stand, his speech. And I finally went to meet the PM with my resignation in my pocket. I had a fight with him in 5 minutes because he was very proud. I had said that talk to the farmers who have been lying for 4 months. So he said that he will leave, nothing will happen. At that time I felt very bad and said that you neither know Sikhs nor Jats. It will go when you leave. I told them that Guru Maharaj of the Sikhs had killed his 4 sons but did not compromise and it was our people who used to climb the Red Fort every six months. He had dug Akbar’s grave and cremated it. Such communities are not fought with but talks are held. Then only after 2 months, he apologized and took back the black laws because I had scared him so much in the matter of Sikhs that after that he started putting yellow patka on his forehead.

After Operation Bluestar, Indira performed Mahamrityunjaya Yagya on her farm for 4 months.

I told the PM that when Mrs. Gandhi did Operation Bluestar, she got Mahamrityunjaya Yagya done at her farm for 4 months after that. Malik said that Arun Nehru was my friend, he told Mrs. Gandhi that aunt, you did not believe this, then Mrs. Gandhi replied that you do not know that those who touched their golden temple are not alive today, they will kill me and the same Happened. General Veday was killed, General Dara was killed. The one who put his hand on this community is not saved.

In that fear, these laws were withdrawn and not by explaining. Now they all go to the Gurudwaras and sit. I had heard a lion that the apocalypse is surely near. Hungry has now started going to temples and mosques. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started visiting Gurudwaras but not because of fear, but because of devotion. Because one day his convoy was stopped in Punjab. No one had deliberately stopped him, a procession of Sikhs was going there. Because of that, his convoy stopped for half an hour, due to which he was so nervous that after coming to the airport, he told the officer that his life was barely saved. So the people who care so much for their lives do not run the country.

Malik said that there was a time here when our groom was not allowed to mount a mare and the wedding procession was not allowed to go out, but now our daughter goes after becoming an IAS. So the vassals and princely states come out and salute him and give him a place to sit. Malik said to leave practices like dowry and educate your children in the best schools and colleges.

The same Satyapal Malik told the media that the biggest statue of Veer Tejaji is going to be installed in Sutod of Sikar and a hostel is going to be built. Came to attend his foundation stone laying ceremony. Malik said that the BJP government will not reach far and wide in Rajasthan and Modi should move out of Delhi in 2024. It will go away 100%.

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