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Mohsin Naqvi is also looking for a foreign coach for the women’s team.

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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) president Mohsin Naqvi said the women’s team won and lost the match. Defeat is sad. We still have a lot of work to do on the women’s team.

While talking to media in Karachi, Mohsin Naqvi said that foreign coaches are also being sought for the women’s team. The same procedure will be carried out for women’s cricketers as for men’s teams.

He said the National Stadium will be one of the best stadiums in the world after its development. There will soon be good news about surrounding hotels. Stadium in Karachi

PCB president says cricket money will be spent on cricket. But it is not stored in the bank.

To a question, Mohsin Naqvi said that the matter with FI is not that big of a deal. That institution is also under my authority. The matter will be resolved internally. If someone does a good job Why limit it?

Mohsin Naqvi added that the Champions Trophy will be held in Pakistan. Our preparations are continuing. Preparation doesn’t stop at any point.

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