Money is everything, Agun’s fans are furious after seeing the viral video of the show, sick Zubin forgets the effect of the cake IG News

A few days ago Bollywood lost the country’s best singer Krishna Kumar Kunnath. The whole world knows as KK. He went on stage in the city of Kolkata in an ill condition and sang to the demand of the fans. The city’s best Jalse treated the fans one after the other. There was severe pain on the left side of his chest. But the mesmerized audience didn’t understand. Again entrepreneurs do not want to give him a holiday.

Somewhere, KK lost his life at the hands of money greedy people. Kek’s death shocked the entire net world. But where did you learn Bollywood from there? Had Zubeen Garg learned Bollywood, would he have sung on stage even when he was ill? Recently, a video of Zubin Garg’s live show has gone viral on social media.

In this video, the singer’s voice is completely broken. He could neither stand nor walk properly on the stage. Just looking at him shows how sick he was during the show. He was singing his famous song ‘Ya Ali’. However, he could not match the tone of the song to the rhythm of the music. Every moment his throat was getting tight. Even in such a situation he has to perform on stage.

However, netizens saw this and claimed that the singer was ‘drunk’. They claim that the singer got drunk after drinking alcohol. In that condition he rose to sing. That is why such a sound is coming from his throat. Netizens claim that the singer is extremely drunk. He had come on stage drunk earlier too. Fell on stage while singing.

However, many netizens have again expressed their grief over the condition of the singer. Because Zubin has been really sick lately. In July this year, he suffered an epileptic fit and collapsed in the bathroom. As a result, he got a big injury on his head. Due to this accident, he had to stay in the hospital for several days. He was then taken to Guwahati for better treatment.

So while a section of netizens are making fun of his drug addiction, others are condemning him. Even in a sick body, Zubin Natial still sings on stage for fans. Was the singer really drunk that day? Or was he on stage with a body as sick as a cake? If that happens, fans feel that along with the cake, his life was also in danger.


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