mother of two finish life in jalgaon, the child came home playing, saw the mother and screamed, the neighbors were scared to see the shocking scene – mother of two finish life in jalgaon after husband left for work three year old son saw her first IG News

Jalgaon: The incident of a married woman hanging herself in a residential house on Mondale Road in Pachora town has come to light today around 2 pm on Friday. The name of the deceased is Dipali Devidas Patil (age 25, Mondale Road, Pachora). Devidas Patil, a resident of Mondale Road, was working as a waiter in a hotel in the city and earning his living. On Friday morning Devidas Patil left home for his work as usual. His wife Dipali Devidas Patil was at home with three-year-old Alpesh and a 12-month-old baby girl.

Alpesh was playing outside, he came home at two in the afternoon while playing. Then he saw his mother hanging from the ceiling.
After that, Alpesh ran out of the house crying, Alpesh put his hands around his neck and warned the neighbors saying “Mother…Mother…” When the neighbors entered the house and looked, Dipali was found hanging from the ceiling.

Balance slips and CRPF jawan falls into canal with family, body found after 20 hours…
The incident also brought tears to the eyes of those present

On getting information about the incident, former corporator Bapu Hatkar reached the spot and immediately informed Pachora police station. As soon as the information was received, Police Sub-Inspector Rahul More, Police Constable Rahul Behre, Vinod Beldar, Yogesh Patil of Pachora Police Station along with ambulance driver Bablu Marathe reached the spot. With the help of ambulance driver Bablu Marathe, the dead body of Dipali was admitted to the rural hospital in an ambulance.

Kidnapping of toddler, dead body in lake after five days, as soon as the reason was known, the ground under the feet of the parents shifted.
Medical Officer of Rural Hospital Dr. Sudden death was reported in Pachora police station on the report of Amit Salunkhe. Further investigation of this incident is being conducted by Police Sub-Inspector Vijaya Vasave under the guidance of Police Inspector Rahul Khatal. The reason why Dipali took the extreme step of suicide is still not clear. Meanwhile, when the news of her death came to light, her husband as well as family members cried out loud. Due to the unfortunate incident, two children lost their maternal umbrella at a young age and this incident brought tears to the eyes of those present. This incident is expressing grief.


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