Motionless newborn.. Doctor’s 7-minute struggle: a twist at the end- Dinamani IG News

In Agra, a child born motionless at birth was given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after 7 minutes of resuscitation by a pediatrician, and the baby woke up.

Doctors who examined the pregnant baby girl admitted to a hospital in Agra noticed that she was motionless.

The child was immediately given oxygen. But it didn’t work. Immediately, Pediatrician Suleka Chowdhury took the child in her arms and started the fight for life.

He put his mouth to the child’s mouth and breathed in. Then he sat down and patted his back well. He did this again and again to get the stopped heart beating. For about 7 minutes the doctor kept doing this without getting bored. Yes, that’s when the miracle happened.

When he patted his back, his heart stopped beating. The child woke up and saw the god. The doctor’s joy knew no bounds when the child woke up. I’m sure everyone will have the same thought after watching this video.

Not only that, the child raised his hand and appeared to touch the doctor in the video.


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