motorman avoids major accient: fallen trees on railway tracks; Bhagalpur Express motorman avoids major disaster – tree falls on railway tracks near mumbra bhagalpur express motorman avoids major accident IG News

Thane: The accident of a railway express train in Mumbra area of ​​Thane was averted. A tree had fallen on the railway tracks near Mumbra from Bihar to Mumbai. Keeping in view the situation, the railway motorman braked in time and averted the next disaster. If a train car derailed, there would be a catastrophic accident. After an hour’s effort, the express left for Mumbai again. No one was injured or killed in the incident. (bhagalpur express motorman avoids major accident)

A major train accident near Mumbra in Thane has been avoided. The same thing happened with the Bhagalpur Express coming from Bihar towards Mumbai. At around 9 pm on June 27, while the Bhagalpur Express was heading towards Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, a big tree had fallen on the railway tracks. After the matter was brought to the notice of the motorman, the motorman braked the express with caution and avoided further mishap.

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The train came to a halt after the brakes were applied. But as it stopped, two to three coaches of this train passed by the branches of the trees lying on the tracks. But the situation was under the control of Motorman. If a train derailed because of these branches, there was a risk of a major accident.

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The motorist immediately brought the matter to the notice of the railway administration after the express train stopped. After that, the railway police and fire brigade reached the spot and removed the branches lying on the railway tracks. After an hour’s effort, the fire brigade succeeded in removing branches and trees from the tracks. Finally, after a delay of 1 hour, the Bhagalpur Express left for Mumbai. However, due to this incident, the railway service was disrupted for some time.

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