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MQM’s statement is shameful. Muttahida wants to discredit the police: Murtaza Wahab

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KARACHI (Staff Reporter) Karachi Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab said the MQM’s statement was shameful. Police and Rangers establish peace in the city. Police bravely save the city from every terrorist attack. Whether it was the attack on KPO or the stock market or the Landhi attack, the agencies failed collectively. He expressed these views while talking to the media on the occasion of the launch of various projects. Along with Deputy Mayor Salman Abdullah Murad on Michi Miana Street, Murtaza Wahab said police bravely foiled the terrorist attack. Police youth saved the city of Karachi from massive destruction. Whether it was an attack on the Karachi Police Headquarters Pakistan stock exchange or the Lanthi attack, organizations work together to thwart terrorist ambitions. Our institutions are always ready to fight terrorists. He said that when I came We have taken action against the water mafia. They are starting a 2 billion project in Malir soon. The Hub Water Dam project is ready for us. Within the next 1 year there will be changes to the Hub Canal work. Karachi mayor says work is a struggle: When I speak, I always talk about work and development. He also asked other city presidents to Let’s work together Murtaza Wahab said in MQM’s statement about the police that the MQM’s statement is shameful and wants to destroy the reputation of the police. He said that during the MQM period, we saw accidents like the Baldia factory tragedy in the city. During the MQM period, we saw an increase in targeted killings in the city. At that time, police and rangers worked together to create peace in the city. Murtaza Wahab added on the occasion that Every worker of the People’s Party will work to solve the problems of the people. in the election We have only one statement, service, and service. PTI’s narrative is a criminal narrative. I condemn the PTI narrative. PTI is a confused political party whose leaders have made U-turns and other leaders also made a U-turn When the state is in trouble Everyone will suffer. He said that work has already started on the road and roads around Bilqis Edhi Park. Efforts will be made to complete the work here as soon as possible. The People’s Party is clearly moving forward to solve the problem. On this occasion, Karachi Mayor Murtaza Wahab inaugurated various projects on behalf of Baldia Uzmi Karachi.

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