MTFE fraud worth crores of rupees | Owner of MTFE’s partner company arrested, Ratlam police got account frozen from crypto exchanger Binance IG News

Ratlam24 minutes ago

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In many districts of Madhya Pradesh including Ratlam district, Ratlam Police has made a big revelation regarding the fake company MTFE, which is deducting the hard earned money of common people in the name of online app and LLM business. After the arrest of MTFE’s local promoter Huzaifa and his associates, Ratlam police has now arrested Yoganand, the owner of Kaleen, a stake holder in the fake company.

The special thing is that Ratlam Police has contacted the crypto currency exchanger Binance in Spain and got the deposits of the people frozen. The owner of a fake company operating from Bengaluru, Yoganand, along with his arrested local associates, Sandeep Tank resident of Pratapgarh, Govind Singh Chandrawat resident of Jawahar Nagar, have been presented in the arrest court by the Station Road police station.

SP Rahul Kumar Lodha said that MTFE fraud is going on at International Star. Apart from India, agencies of Singapore and Sri Lanka are busy investigating this fraud. Ratlam Police is the first in India to take action against this fake MTFE online company. To make people believe, the fake MTFE had even shown advertisements during the cricket league held in Sri Lanka. Gradually they started committing fraud by deceiving people. There are more than 10 lakh 68 thousand accounts in India alone. Ratlam Police has taken action to this level for the first time in the country. Going forward, ED and central agencies can also join the investigation in this matter. Correspondence is being made to them for this.

Along with Huzaifa Jamali of Ratlam district, Govind Singh father Ratan Singh Chandrawat resident Jawahar Nagar, Sandeep father Fakir Chandra resident Pratapgarh have been arrested. Govind and Sandeep were not only promoting, but they were aware that fraud was being done by showing the video of Binance company. Despite this, they were getting the investors to invest for the company by taking their QR codes and money in cash. Apart from these three, Yogananda resident of Bengaluru, who helped in converting money from black to white by creating a fake company named Kalin in Bangalore, has also been arrested. Yogananda Kalin is said to be the owner of the company.

Ratlam SP of appeal Fraud Of happened Hunt So Police To do Complaint

The SP has issued a video message appealing that if any person has made such an investment, then feel free to contact the police and lodge a complaint. The SP said that by registering FIRs of the people of Ratlam district who had come to the police, the proceedings would be initiated in the first place. The bar has reached this point. Contacted Binance company and got Rs 39 lakh frozen. He has appealed to everyone that whoever has invested here, should send the information along with QR code, name, address etc. to the police. Probably their money can also be got back. This is also important because this fraud is on an international level and the more people come forward, the more pressure can be put on foreign agencies to take action to release the amount.