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Temperatures in the country are dropping day by day. Temperatures reaching minimum levels are increasing the chill. Rural areas are getting cold. There is no need to mention the situation of agency villages. Surrounded by thick forest with big trees and streams meandering around the tribal habitations. Cold weather is likely to prevail in such areas. It is in this background that the tribals are shivering with cold. In Mulugu Constituency MLA’s Agency, the intensity of cold is increasing day by day.

Especially children and the elderly are suffering more. In this background, Mulugu Constituency MLA Dr. Seethakka with a generous heart distributed blankets to more than 200 tribal families. Sitakka, who constantly thinks for the welfare of the people, finds that the tribal people are facing many problems due to extreme cold. As part of this, Congress Party National Women General Secretary Mulugu MLA Sitakka distributed blankets. Blankets were distributed to 210 families in Lingala and Boti Lingala villages of Tadwai mandal today. Similarly, blankets were distributed to another 20 families in Sangampalli village of Mangapet mandal.

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National Women’s General Secretary of Congress Party Mulugu MLA Sitakka said on this occasion, “I will do more service to the people who supported me and accepted me as a sister. I will fight on public issues. Seethakka said that all people should be alert as the cold intensity is high. Temperatures are dropping across the country. Sitakka suggested that children and old people should take proper precautions as the forest area in the agency area is more cold.

They say that I will always stand by the people who supported me.. I will respond immediately to any difficulty they face.. I will always fight for people’s problems. Sitakka said that there is mainly a problem of waste land in Mulugu district, and the survey of waste land undertaken by the government is delaying in giving right documents to the tribals. Due to the dense forest area, the cold intensity is more. So Sitakka says that people should be careful and children and old people should take proper care.

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