mumbai powai thief attacks police constable, attempt to steal bar shutters, stab constable on patrol; Bombay powai constable who went to catch the thief was stabbed in the stomach IG News

Mumbai: A thief who was trying to steal by pulling the shutters of a bar in Powai attacked the police who went to nab him with a knife. In this attack, a constable was injured due to a stab wound in the stomach. The police arrested the thief, Subroto Das, after calling for additional money and using force.

Traffic Police Ravindra Jadhav saw a young man swinging the shutters of Santosh Bar and Restaurant on Sakivihar Road, Powai around 3 am. Feeling suspicious, they approached and moved away, when this young man quarreled with them. At the same time constables Mohol, Sawant, Pachpande and Dhuri who were on patrol of Powai police station came to the spot. When they tried to catch the young man, he attacked everyone with a knife. Dhuri was injured by a knife in his stomach. At the same time, the police used force and detained the youth.

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In the investigation, it was revealed that the name of this young man is Subroto Das, and cases of theft and burglary have been registered against him in Mankhurd police station. Das is an innkeeper and a resident of Govandi.

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