Municipal councilor in Jaipur arrested while taking bribe of Rs 30 thousand IG News

Jaipur, September 16 (Language) The team of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in Rajasthan on Saturday arrested a councilor red-handed while allegedly taking a bribe of Rs 30,000.

According to the statement of the Bureau, Ram Kishore, councilor of Ward 123 of Municipal Corporation Jaipur-Greater, has been arrested while taking a bribe of Rs 30 thousand from the complainant.

According to him, the complainant had complained that he was being harassed by Ram Kishore by demanding a bribe of Rs 30,000 in return for not disrupting the construction work on his own plot and not getting it demolished by JDA/Municipal Corporation.

After verifying the complaint, the Bureau on Saturday arrested the accused councilor Ram Kishore red-handed while taking a bribe amount of Rs 30 thousand from the complainant and now he is being interrogated.

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