Murder | father’s death by strangulation; Poisoned to mislead the police, son arrested IG News


Amaravati, A son strangled his father to death. After the murder, tried to mislead the police by spraying poison on the dead body for the purpose of erasing the evidence. This sensational incident came to light in Kholapur late evening on 17th March. The deceased is Sanjay Vasudevrao Isal (55, Darapur). Kholapur police has taken the accused son Gaurav Sanjayrao Isal (22, Darapur) into custody. On the morning of March 15, Sanjay Easal was lying dead in the house. On information, Kholapur police reached the spot. During the Panchnama, poison was seen sprinkled on the body of the deceased, due to which it seemed that Sanjay Easal had committed suicide by ingesting poison.

Secret revealed from postmortem report

Police sent the dead body to the government hospital for postmortem. After the PM, the doctor discussed with the police and told that Sanjay Isal’s death was not due to poison but due to strangulation. Kholapur police station constable Bhagat took son Gaurav into custody for questioning on Friday night.

In which he confessed to the murder and told that his father always used to quarrel after doubting the character of the mother, in this quarrel, in anger, he strangled the father to death with a rope, to erase the evidence of the murder, he threw the dead body But tried to mislead by sprinkling poison. The police have registered a case against him under murder and destruction of evidence of murder.


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