Murder In Bilaspur: On asking the address of the girl’s house, the miscreants killed her friend with knives IG News

Bilaspur (Naiduniya representative). A case of double murder has come to light in Imlibhatha of Sarkanda area. The murder happened on Wednesday night. It is said that the youth living in Chantapara had gone to Imlibhatha to meet a girl. When he asked the youths about the address of the girl, she was stabbed to death with knives. After this, the youths asked their two companions to take the murder case on their own. On refusing, the youth killed two of their own friends. Police have taken six people into custody in the case.

Sarkanda police received information late on Wednesday night that a murder had taken place in Imlibhatha. On this the police team reached the spot. During interrogation, it was found that Rajesh Rawat, a resident of Chantapara, used to work in the cycle stand of Tehsil office. He was friends with a girl living in Imlibhatha.

At night he came to Imlibhatha to meet the girl. After reaching here, he asked the youth the address of the girl. On this, the youth asked the reason for coming so late. After this, abused Rajesh. On refusing, the youth attacked Rajesh with knives. Bleeding Rajesh died on the spot in the attack. After the murder, the youth asked their own friend, Dev Netam, to take the blame for the crime.

Dev refused to take the blame of murder alone. On this the youths killed Dev as well. After this the youth ran away. The police have taken possession of the dead bodies of Rajesh and Dev and sent them to the PM. Six people have been detained in the case. The youths are being questioned.

Rumors of three murders kept flying

After the information of the murder, the police team is questioning the people by camping in the locality. Here, since morning, rumors of three murders have been rife in Imlibhatha. After this, the police is collecting information regarding the third youth by interrogating the people. At present, the police is talking about saying something only after the investigation in the matter.

Posted By: Manoj Kumar Tiwari