Muslim policeman with Hindu name dies fighting mob IG News

When Neeraj, 37, joined his colleagues in the Haryana Police on Monday to quell communal violence that spread from Nuh to Gurugram, little did he or anyone in his family expect that it would be their last day in uniform. Will happen.

Home guard Neeraj, a Muslim man with a Hindu name, was the sole breadwinner of his family after serving the Haryana Police with discipline and dedication for 15 years.

As communal violence in Haryana’s Nuh district spread to neighboring Gurugram district, the Kherki Daula police station, where Khan was posted, began receiving calls for help from panicked citizens.

Neeraj, a resident of Garhi Wajidpur village in Gurgaon, joined his comrades as they came out to face the violent mob carrying weapons like guns, swords, iron rods, sticks and stones.