Muzaffarpur Hotel Fire | Fire breaks out in hotel located in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, building burnt to ashes IG News

Photo – Twitter/Ani

A state in Eastern India : A fire broke out in a 3-storey hotel located under the Brahmapura police station area in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. The fire was so terrible that on seeing it, it badly engulfed the building. After the fire, all the people staying in the hotel were evacuated and several fire tenders reached the spot so that the fire could be brought under control.

Please note that this incident happened around 9 pm. According to the information, a sudden fire broke out in a 3-storey building in front of the government bus stand at Imlichatti at around 9 pm. Soon the fire engulfed the entire floor. The fire broke out in a clothing shop on the last floor of the building.

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However, fire brigade Krishna Yadav said that the fire has been brought under control after several hours. Rescued 3 people from fire. It is not yet clear what caused the fire, but a short circuit is suspected to be the reason behind the fire. Please note that the shop was closed when the accident happened. However, by the time the incident was reported, the fire had spread badly.