My son should be jailed, why not CM Stalin’s son: Manish Kashyap’s mother IG News

The mother of YouTuber Manish Kashyap, who came under attack from the Stalin government there for raising the issue of migrant laborers from UP-Bihar in Tamil Nadu, has written a letter to the President. Along with Tamil Nadu, Bihar government has imposed NSA on Manish Kashyap and put him in jail. Kashyap’s mother has also raised questions in her letter regarding the statement of Stalin government and Udhayanidhi.

Manish Kashyap’s mother Madhu Devi on Wednesday, September 6, wrote a letter to President Draupadi Murmu questioning the National Security Act (NSA) invoked against her son by the Tamil Nadu Police for allegedly creating tension between the two states. At the same time, he questioned no action taken by DMK leader and state minister Udhayanidhi Stalin on talking about ‘eradication of Sanatana Dharma’. He called it an even bigger threat to national security.

In the letter, Manish Kashyap’s mother Madhu Devi said that her son had raised the issue of alleged ill-treatment of some Bihari laborers in Tamil Nadu through his YouTube video. However, Tamil Nadu Police found this to be false and registered six separate cases. Apart from imposing strict NSA, an FIR was also registered against his son.

Furthermore, the letter mentioned that the video in question was being broadcast from Tamil Nadu since February 15 this year, adding only that the country’s print media published news articles about it after February 21. Subsequently, the electronic media also took up the issue and eventually politicians commented on the news.

Madhu Devi said that the Tamil Nadu and Bihar governments conspired to trap Manish Kashyap even after his ‘controversial’ video surfaced in March. He said, “My son also made a video on the news of Bihari migrant laborers in March and questioned the Bihar government why such discrimination is done with Bihari laborers, but Bihar government and Tamil Nadu government together implemented strict NSA ” It is written in the letter.

Letter written by Manish Kashyap’s mother (Credits: Sach Tak)

He further said in the letter, “If a situation of conflict arises between two states because of my son, then a situation of conflict arises in the entire country on the statement of Udhayanidhi Stalin, the son of a Chief Minister, who is also a minister in Tamil Nadu. Could have, yet why is he not being arrested in NSA and put in jail? If the Constitution is equal for all, then NSA should also be imposed on the son of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.”

He said that the incident that happened with migrant laborers in Tamil Nadu should be investigated by an independent committee constituted by the Supreme Court. He expressed hope that Chief Minister’s son Udhayanidhi will also be given the same punishment which is given by the court to any common citizen of India who commits a mistake.