Nagpur: 250 e-buses in fleet of ‘Aapli Bus’ soon; Announcement by Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis IG News

Nagpur, Leader News Service : 250 more buses will be added to the fleet of Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s ‘Apali Bus’ service. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced this. Honorable Union Minister for Transport, Highways Nitin Gadkari said that eco-friendly air-conditioned bus service which is affordable to common people is the beginning of a new era in Nagpur city.

The inauguration of the air-conditioned electric buses provided to the municipality by Nagpur Smart City took place on Sunday evening. MLA Praveen Datke, MLA Krishna Khopde, Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Radhakrishnan B., Chief Executive Officer of Nagpur Smart City and Additional Municipal Commissioner Ajay Gulhane, Additional Commissioner Ram Joshi, Gondia District Collector Chinmoy Gotmare, former Transport Committee were the special guests at the ceremony held at Constitution Square. Chairman Jitendra (Bunty) Kukde, Deputy Commissioner and Transport Manager Ravindra Bhelawe, Superintending Engineer Manoj Talewar and other dignitaries were present.

Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Radhakrishnan B. Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis supported his concept of increasing the number of electric buses. Funds for purchase of 250 electric buses announced. Like the Metro, it was suggested to adopt technology that informs the time when ‘Aapli Bus’ will reach a bus station.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari hinted at adopting the technology that Metro and ‘Aapli Bus’ tickets will be issued from a single card. According to the Government of India’s ‘Scrapping Policy’, he directed that all the vehicles in the municipality which are 15 years old should be scrapped. The more ‘scraping’ happens. He also said that the environment can be protected and new environment-friendly vehicles can also be included. Electric buses are the best step towards pollution free Nagpur city. He also said that through logistics hub, Nagpur city will be benefited to become clean, beautiful and pollution free. After 40 electric buses received from Nagpur Smart City, 144 more electric buses will be received by June. Apart from this, Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishnan said that Morbhavan, Hingana and Wathoda depots are being updated.

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