Nagpur Crime | Left 2 kg gold with 14 lakhs, top officials started investigation IG News

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Nagpur, Some policemen caught 2 kg gold of a bullion trader in Itwari premises. Policemen in plain clothes called themselves employees of the Central Agency. Later, a businessman famous for gold smuggling got the matter settled for Rs 14 lakh. This matter became a topic of discussion in the market. Top officials have started a confidential inquiry into the matter, but the bullion trader is refraining from giving a complaint due to the purchase of raw material.

It is said that a few days back the trader had called 2 kg gold from Kolkata. As soon as the goods reached Nagpur, the merchant sent his employee to the concerned person. As soon as the employee entered Itwari with the gold, some policemen surrounded him. He was taken to the police station for questioning. At the same time, the businessman got upset due to the employee not reaching the shop. Called the employee several times but he was not answering.

In the meantime, a businessman known for gold smuggling approached him and told that the officials of the Central Agency have seized your goods. He also assured to settle the matter by transaction. The merchant immediately agreed to release the goods and gave Rs 14 lakh through the middleman. After some time, the employee came to the merchant with the goods. Later the businessman came to know that he had been cheated. The employee told that those who caught him were not the officers of any central agency but the employees of the local police only. He was duly tipped.

The matter went to the business leaders, but the aggrieved businessman did not complain to the police for fear of getting caught in legal action. This episode is being discussed in the whole market. The businessman who played the role of middleman also came in the discussion a few days back. On the pretext of giving gold at a cheap price, the policeman of Sitabuldi and a woman had cheated the bullion trader of Pratapnagar. Even then the goods were bought from middlemen only.


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