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Two sub-inspector line spot charged for assault with youth

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  • 8,882 went missing in 5 years
  • Police traced 8,501

Nagpur. Nagpur police is on top in finding missing girls and women. As a result of taking these complaints seriously and working, the police is getting success. In the last 5 years, 8,882 women and girls went missing from the city, out of which the police succeeded in tracing 8,501. These figures are much better in the state. Police has not been able to find only 381 women.

There are many reports of atrocities or disappearance of young girls in the city. Due to the disappearance of women and girls, the condition of the family members also worsens. Trusting the police, they file a complaint and they also get success. From 2019 to May 2023, police had received complaints about the disappearance of 7,413 women and 1,469 minor girls.

The Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) constituted by Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar has tried its best to remove this menace. They have also shown better results due to independent testing. Researching with focus has taken care of most of the cases. This is the reason that 8,501 cases have been successfully executed and the concerns of the family members have been addressed. So far, the case of 381 missing girls is being seriously investigated. It has also been found in the research that she went missing.

There are more girls in the age group of 13 to 17 years. Trapped in the trap of physical attraction, these girls leave their homes. After many months, after the attraction is over, they also come back home. It has also been observed that the missing girl is also thrown into the business of flesh trade, organ sale, sale of drugs. Being pushed into prostitution becomes shocking for the parents.