Nalbari Flyover: Good news for Nalbari residents! Nalbari’s first Urnia Bridge to open soon IG News

Urania Setu will be the first of the year to be opened without pipes. In the meantime, the construction work of Urnia Bridge near Nalbari Hari Mandir has been completed. The length of the Urnia Bridge is 465 meters, to be constructed at a cost of about 47 crores. DD Sharma Nirman Construction started construction of Mahat Bridge in July 2019. On March 2017, Mahat Tetiya Chief Minister Sarvananda Sonowale laid the foundation stone of Urnia Bridge constructed by Nalbari Railway.

It is worth noting that, after the Nalbari Hari Mandir, this path connecting the National Highway No. 31 was closed for the construction of the Dalang in the past five years. As expected, the pedestrians were overtaken at a distance of 3 km. The length of the 465-meter section was not completed after the Ukali Jowa due to various reasons. As for which, various groups had protested in the organization to reduce the problem and to release Urnia Setu soon. But the end of all these problems is Urnia Bridge near Hari Mandir in the direction of Mukli.

According to Janib, the Chief Minister of the state Dr. Himanta Vishwa Sharma is likely to inaugurate the newly constructed bridge. After the construction of the bridge was completed, the rise of Nalbari rose. Kino Sethukhane will reduce the problem of heavy traffic on Nalbari Chahar.

If the construction is completed, the beautiful flowers are decorated. Anhat is the result of the long-term hope and patience of the people of Nalbari. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the day of Urnia Setukhan.

Published by: Sehnaz Begum

FIRST PUBLISHED : May 27, 2023, 08:25 IST

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