Nano Tracking: Conservative Leadership; Liberals are being ‘squeezed’ IG News

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The Conservative Party of Canada is the leader in the latest Nanos ballot tracking, with the Liberals in second place after a 5 percent drop in the past four weeks.

The Conservatives are three points above the governing Liberals, with the third-place NDP gaining a six-point increase over the same time period.

Nick Nanos, chief data scientist and founder of Nanos Research, said Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is “squeezing out” like the “disaffected, frustrated, disaffected” liberals who are parking their support with the New Democrats right now.

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“This is very bad news for liberals right now,” Nanos said on the latest CTV News Trend Line podcast released Wednesday. Nanos called for the vote-sharing achieved by Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, which won a majority in 2011, when the NDP, led by Jack Layton, helped split the vote on the left.

“It’s like ‘Back to the Future,'” Nanos said. “If this continues, it will be great news for Pierre Poiliver and the Conservatives, if the NDP does it well.”

It’s a “perfect storm” for both the Conservatives and the NDP, said Nanos, who are both eating into Liberal support.

“The Liberals will have to do something to shake some of the progressive electorate who are moving to the New Democrats to come back to the Liberals,” he said. “But you know what? Right now, Jagmeet Singh must be Pierre Poiliver’s best friend. You will never see Pierre Poiliver attacking Jagmeet Singh. He wants him to perform well so as to be among the Conservatives to split the votes and occupy more seats in the House of Commons.

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