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NASA To Land Nova-C Spacecraft Near Chandrayaan 3 On The Moon: What Is This New Plan? IG News


Intuitive Machines is preparing to send the Nova-C lander to the south pole of the Moon. Its target is placed very close to the historic landing site of India’s Chandrayaan-3 rocket.

The spacecraft, called IM-1, is designed to carry a series of payloads and conduct scientific research. This means the lander is expected to land at the South Pole, where Chandrayaan-3 landed.

Where did IM-1 land on the moon?

Malabert A, the chosen landing site, is a satellite crater adjacent to the 69 kilometer long Great Malabert Crater.

The Nova-C lander of the Intuitive Machines mission lands about 300 kilometers from the Moon’s south pole. The proximity of the Malabert massif, the main feature of the region, indicates the importance of the region; It is one of 13 sites being considered by NASA’s Artemis III mission.

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The selection of this site for the Nova-C lander reflects a strategic interest in exploring and understanding the Moon’s polar resources, including the presence of water ice.

The Nova-C lander is expected to land at a distance of 1,500 km from the Shivashakti point where Chandrayaan-3 landed.

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