nashik shiv sena, big news! Shiv Sena stronghold shaken in Nashik; Nashik Shiv Sena more than 12 ex corporators likely to join Shinde camp IG News

m. Ta. Special Representative, Nashik: Shiv Sena’s bastion in Nashik, which remained impregnable for three months after Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s rebellion, is now beginning to collapse, and former corporator Praveen is likely to join the Shinde faction in a phased manner, followed by dozens of former corporators.

Interestingly, some leaders of the Shiv Sena have tagged some former corporators as belonging to the Shinde group, and they are being encouraged to leave the Shiv Sena. After Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut went to the custody of ‘ED’, there is no guardian left for Shiv Sena in Nashik, as the factionalism in the party has flared up again, now the discussion has started within Shiv Sena that Shiv Sena will face a big problem in the future. In June last year, Shinde directly claimed the bow and arrow, the party’s symbol, after the revolt. Saying that Shiv Sena belongs to him in the state, he has started a competition to convert the big leaders of Shiv Sena to him. Therefore, there was a picture that Shinde’s rebellion would initially get a lot of support from Nashik as well. After two MLAs from the district, and a cabinet minister, Bhuse gave Uddhav Thackeray Jai Maharashtra, MP Hemant Godse also joined the Shinde faction. After that, the discussion started that Shiv Sena will be defeated. However, in Nashik, the Shinde group did not get much scope to expand at the party level. About 15 thousand Shiv Sainiks from Nashik gave an affidavit of loyalty to Shiv Sena. However, after the arrest of MP Sanjay Raut, there was a stir in Shiv Sena in Nashik as well. Due to Raut’s absence, the factionalism in the local Shiv Sena has re-emerged, and as former corporators and office bearers in Nashik have started to be labeled directly as Shinde group, there has been an increase in resentment within the party. Seeing this very opportunity, the Shinde group has started casting a net on these former corporators, and they have got their first office bearer in the form of Praveen Tidman. After that dozens of former corporators are preparing to make Shiv Sena Jai ​​Maharashtra.

Strategy to eliminate opponents

Although the Shinde group found dissidents in the rural areas, they were not able to find it in the cities. But, due to internal factionalism in Shiv Sena, Shinde faction has got its first metropolitan chief in Nashik. Rumors are being spread by some people in the Shiv Sena that ‘he’ will join the Shinde group by pointing fingers at another former corporator. Therefore, these former corporators have to prove that they belong to Shiv Sena every day. However, some of them are now losing their patience and they are starting to warn the leaders that they are entering rather than labeling. Therefore, Shiv Sena is likely to suffer a major setback in the coming years. When the MNS was in power in Nashik, MNS corporators were defamed by similarly tagging leaders. Due to this, after the elections, the MNS suffered a leak and a large number of corporators left. Currently, a similar situation has arisen in Shiv Sena.

It is unfortunate for them to join the Shinde group. They seem to have taken a hasty decision for momentary gain. This is political suicide. If you want to become big in politics, it is possible only in Orijan Shiv Sena. No one is disaffected in Shiv Sena, no one will leave the party.

– Sudhakar Badgujar, Mayor, Shiv Sena