Navaratri 2022 | Know the glory of ‘Akhand Jyoti’ in Navratri, keep in mind these special things to ignite IG News

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-Seema Kumari

The devotion of Shakti is starting from 26 September i.e. Monday. That is, ‘Shardiya Navratri’ (Shardiya Navratri) In Hinduism, during Navratri, as much importance as the establishment of the Kalash is considered to be of equal importance to the Akhand Jyoti. In such a situation, if you also light an unbroken flame during the fast of Navratri, then it is very important to know some rules related to it before doing so. It is said that by following these rules related to Akhand Jyoti, Maa Durga is pleased with her devotees, and grants them a boon. Let’s know these rules related to Akhand Jyoti.

burn like this

  • Akhand Jyoti is lit by Ghatasthapana in a large pot of brass or earthenware. It has to be kept burning without burning for 9 days. Take care that the earthen pot should not be broken.
  • Do not keep the lamp on the ground. Make an octagon at the puja post and place a pot of Akhand Jyoti in front of the idol of Maa Durga.
  • Very few people who keep fast during Navratri know that the wick of Akhand Jyoti is made from the protection thread.

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  • For this, take a half-hand protection thread and make it like a wick and then keep it in the middle of the lamp.
  • Ghee, mustard or sesame oil can be used to light the Akhand Jyoti.
  • While lighting the lamp, keep in mind that if you are lighting a ghee lamp, then it should be placed on the right side of the Goddess, if the lamp is of oil then it should be placed on the left side of the Goddess.
  • Before lighting the lamp, one must meditate on Lord Ganesha, Maa Durga and Lord Shiva.

religious significance

The lamp that burns in the eternal flame keeps burning day and night. It is believed that the Akhand lamp should not be extinguished till the end of the fast. According to astrology, an important reason is said to be the reason behind lighting the Akhand Jyoti in front of the mother during Navratri. It is believed that just as a small lamp in extreme darkness removes the darkness around it and fills that place with light, in the same way the devotees of the mother also light the darkness of their life with the help of the faith of the mother. can erase.


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