Ncp: Ajit Pawar’s show of strength in Baramati after split in NCP, big talk about going with BJP – Ajit Pawar Shows Strength And Road Show In Baramati After Split In Ncp IG News

Ajit Pawar shows strength and road show in Baramati after split in NCP

Ajit Pawar
Photo: PTI


The tussle is going on in the politics of Maharashtra for the last several days. Ajit Pawar reached Baramati for the first time after breaking ties with uncle Sharad Pawar, where he was given a grand welcome. Let us tell you, Baramati is considered to be the stronghold of Sharad Pawar and Baramati is the constituency of Ajit Pawar. On reaching Baramati, the workers showered flowers on him and presented him with a big garland. Ajit Pawar did a roadshow and during this he greeted people with folded hands. Pawar said that he had never seen such a reception in his life. Let me tell you, some political analysts are calling it a show of strength.

Pawar- no intention to insult anyone

NCP leader Ajit Pawar said that there was only one reason for joining BJP-Shiv Sena and that is development. Pawar welcomed PM Narendra Modi for launching various projects in the country. He said that I will not break your trust. It was not my intention to insult anyone. Apart from PM Modi, there is no other leader in the country who is working hard. The people of India accepted Nehru ji for his leadership. People liked Indira Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee because of their qualities. Manmohan Singh used to speak less. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working hard for the last nine years.

Appreciation of PM Modi

Ajit Pawar said that I had earlier criticized PM Modi but later saw the development projects done by him in the country, saw the development of India on various fronts, so now I appreciate PM Modi. He said that I will do justice from my position as the Deputy Chief Minister of the state and will never break your trust. Pawar said that at present we are working to provide better facilities to the people of Baramati. Many schemes are coming from PM Modi, which will prove to be effective for the state. At present the state’s roads-overbridges and parks are being developed and strengthened. I want to make Baramati a clean and beautiful state.