NCP MLA Nilesh Lanke Vasant More meets MNS’s Vasant More, meeting sparks discussions in Pune – ncp mla Nilesh Lanke and MNS leader Vasant More meet at Pune IG News

Pune: Two years ago, the whole world was fighting against Corona. However, two political leaders stood firm for the common man’s help. He helped many citizens risking his own life without any selfishness in mind. He stood by the citizens. MLA Nilesh Lanka and MNS star corporator Vasant More worked to support many families. However, since then they were only talking on the phone. But these two leaders had not met each other. Recently they met at Katraj. Two leaders who focus on social causes along with politics are doing it. Nilesh Lanka, who came to Pune for work, met Vasant More. However, this has sparked political debates.

Many topics were also discussed during their 10-minute meeting. They also acknowledged each other for the work done during the Corona period. Two different parties, but the social work of both is worth mentioning and political discussion has also started with their meeting.

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Vasant More is a corporator of MNS in Pune and known for his work. So, Nilesh is MLA from Parner of Lanka Nagar district. MLA Nilesh Lanka was passing through Satara Bypass when he came to Katraj to meet Vasant More. Nilesh Lanka said that he wanted to meet Vasant More for many days.

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Discussing the meeting between Nilesh Lanka and Vasant More

Nilesh Lanka is the MLA from Parne of NCP. Before joining NCP, he was working in Shiv Sena. Nilesh Lanka ran the Corona Prevention Center during the Corona infection. So, former MNS corporator Vasant More is constantly in the news. Vasant More was in the news after taking a different stand after Raj Thackeray’s stand against namaz on loud speakers, work in the Corona era. Vasant More has now been given the responsibility of Baramati Lok Sabha constituency by MNS. In this background, the discussion of Nilesh Lanka and Vasant More’s meeting has started.

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