Nearly Half Of Joe Biden, Elon Musk’s Twitter Followers Are Fake IG News

Nearly Half Of Joe Biden, Elon Musk’s Twitter Followers Are Fake

News Daily Digital Desk: Lately, the number of followers of his social media account has become one of the criteria of popular personality. According to a recent survey by a company, in many cases, half of these huge followers of celebrities are fake followers. For example, the organization claims that 49.3 percent of Twitter followers of US President Joe Biden are fake.

US President Biden currently has 22 million Twitter followers. Software company SparkToro claims that 49.3 percent of these followers’ accounts are fake. Earlier this month, the company made similar comments about Tesla owner Elon Musk’s Twitter followers. They claim that 53.3 percent of followers’ accounts are fake in the case of masks. The question is, how to determine which account is fake and which is not?

[আরও পড়ুন: সন্তানের জন্ম দিতে না পারায় ফোনেই তিন তালাক তরুণীকে, স্বামীর বিরুদ্ধে রুজু মামলা]

According to the company SparkToro, the fake accounts have been identified, where they were opened from, what the profile picture is, whether it is posted regularly or when it was last posted. The survey also found that accounts that could not be contacted in any way, promotional, robotic or spam, were also considered fake accounts.

Elon Musk recently suspended Twitter’s acquisition deal for ৪ 4.4 billion over questions over a fake Twitter account. Tensions with Twitter authorities continue. Although Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal claims that the number of fake accounts on their social media platform is negligible.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘নীতিহীন দল’, বিজেপিতে যোগ দিয়েই কংগ্রেসকে তোপ সুনীল জাখরের]

However, Musk said that when he offered to buy Twitter, he was told that the number of fake accounts and spam was less than 5 percent. But now it is seen that the number of fake accounts on Twitter is about 20 percent. That’s almost four times as much as Twitter claims. There could be even more. Last Monday, the CEO of Twitter publicly refused to give information about the bogus account. But as long as he does not provide information publicly, the deal to buy Twitter will not go ahead.

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