Need Skin: Details of Centers Release-Dinamani IG News

The National Leather Agency says that the details of the cities where the Need Leather Centers have been set up can be found on the website.

MBBS Must be enrolled in NEED skin to enroll in undergraduate medical courses including. This skincare is conducted annually by the National Skinny Agency (NDA). Accordingly, NEET qualification for the current year will be conducted live on July 17 in 13 languages ​​including Tamil, English and Hindi.

The online application registration started on April 6 and ended on May 20. A total of 18 lakh 72,339 have applied. In Tamil Nadu alone 1 lakh 42,286 have registered. Preparations for conducting the NEET skin as planned are currently being accelerated.

In this case, the details of the cities where the skin center is located have now been released. Students can find them at Also, the ticket for the skin will be released soon. Further details are available on the website In case of any doubt, please contact 011-4075 9000 or email [email protected]


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