Nehha Pendse, is Neha Pendse the mother of six children? By watching the video you will also know Sarankahi – nehha pendse siddharth menon planet marathi ott patla tar ghya IG News

Mumbai- The talented actress Neha Pendse is among the few actresses who have worked in Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films. Neha Pendse became a household name through many films and serials. Neha is always in touch with her fans through social media. But there is one thing about Neha, which her fans still don’t know and that is that Neha is a mother of six cute kids. Neha has also admitted this in the talk show ‘Patlam To Hiya’.

Now who are these cute children of Neha and what exactly is the matter, you will get the answer on Planet Marathi OTT next Friday i.e. 17th March. Neha traveled with Shardul from Nariman Point to Naigaon by helicopter. Now, what is the exact reason for such a journey, she has also given the answer in this talk show. Siddharth Menon also appeared in this talk show with her.

This time Siddharth also revealed a secret of his life. Siddharth was approached for the role of MC Sher played by Siddhant Chaturvedi in the film ‘Galli Boy’. Now Siddharth has revealed why that role escaped his hands. He also said that this happened to him many times.

Basically, Neha Pendse and Siddharth Menon’s onscreen chemistry is as beautiful as their offscreen chemistry. The audience will experience this in the talk show ‘Patlam To Ghya with Jayanti’. This time, both of them shared many things from their life in this show.


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