Nellore Woman: Husband addicted to alcohol and wife raped .. Blackmailing on that .. Unexpected twist at the end ..

This is the worst situation a wife can face at home if her husband is addicted to drugs. The crossroads he trampled for Nisha finally sacrificed his household honor. I was intoxicated when I found out about the tragedy. The humiliation and harassment went on until he committed suicide. Going into details .. The couple resides in a village in the Linga Samudra Mandal of Nellore District in Andhra Pradesh. Husband addicted to alcohol .. stopped caring for family. At the same time a friend who was looking after his wife conspired to fulfill his wish. She poured enough medicine for her husband and put it in his guppies. It was through him that the wife was intoxicated. She was raped after she fell unconscious. So many times he lusted after her.

He also took photos and videos of her being raped and started blackmailing her. She told her husband that she could not bear the harassment. Both of them were harassed and tried to commit suicide by drinking insecticide. The villagers immediately rushed them to the hospital where they succumbed to their injuries. However, the couple took a selfie video before committing suicide.

Sheikh Elijah allegedly harassed her, raped her husband, and threatened to post videos and photos on the Internet. Both spouses said they were committing suicide because they could not bear the humiliation and harassment. They demanded that he be severely punished even after their death. Police have registered a case and are investigating.

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