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Netanyahu knows the date the war will end. It will end: Mushahid Hussain Shah

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Islamabad (Delhi Pakistan Online) Pakistan Muslim League (N) Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayeed said Netanyahu knew that the day the war would end. The war will end.

During a conversation on Geo News’ ‘New Pakistan’ program, Mushahid Hussain Syed said that Israel has been committing genocide in the Gaza Strip for six months now, without any hindrance. He said Israel’s opposition to Hamas was a diplomatic, moral and legal war. The Muslim League senator added that Israel had deliberately attacked Iran and Netanyahu knew that once the war was over it would be over.

He said Iran’s actions were not expected by Israel or America. Tehran’s response was legal and defensive. Mashahid Hussain Syed also said it was the first time an Islamic country confronted Israel. It was the first time in six months that Israel had not fired rockets at Gaza. He said Iran had shot down 3.50 drones. The Palestinians discovered for the first time that the Islamic nation stood. The senator said Iran had planned a well-thought diplomatic and strategic plan. Expected to attack Tehran Iran has really arrived at Israel’s home.

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